Commercial Law

The counterparty is not fulfilling its obligations?
Do you need to collect penalties under the contract?
Are there grounds for invalidating the decision of the general meeting?
Are your intellectual property rights infringed?

Entrust the protection of your business to a qualified attorney!
Стягнення заборгованості за договором, корпоративні спори, адвокат Київ
Legal servises:
Protection the rights of participants in commercial relations
- legal support of disputes arising from the conclusion, change, termination and execution of business agreements (including the recovery of debts under the contract);
- legal support of disputes arising from corporate relations between the participant and the company, as well as between the participants of companies.

Protection of intellectual property rights
- legal assistance in the registration of intellectual property (computer programs, trademarks, etc.);
- legal support of disputes concerning the termination of infringement of copyright and related rights, disputes concerning payment of compensation for infringement of property copyrights, termination of infringement of rights to marks for goods and services and compensation of losses, etc.


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